Friday, 14 May 2010

Browser Based 2D fighting game - Part 1

I was thinking about writing a browser based 2d fighting game sometime back.It was just inspirational one as I had seen and played 2d fighting games in PS2 and PC.Also, I had seen the real Mugen fighting engine written in C and later it was ported to Java as well.All these works really deserve salute to its developers as it was an outstanding piece of work.Thinking that , I want to develop a small 2d fighting game written in Javascript.I started my journey some time back.But writing such a game is not trivial job, as it requires good framework support and understanding in scripting languages and last not but the least, experience in developing browser based games.Today, I think I do not have any of these.But I really wanted to develop such a game for the users who depend heavily on browser based game.So I decided to experiment with.

The framework I am going to use is GameQuery.This is a jQuery plug-in developed by Salim Arsever.The advantages of this plug-in are many.I could not delve much into this as I am not an expert.I am slowly digging this framework.To get more inspirational support, I saw one demo of fighting game on GameQuery site.This lead to me right direction what is to be done and how is to be done.So finally I was able to do something like this seen below.

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